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Trucking CDM welcomes Gartner the World of Transport

It is with great pleasure to welcome Gartner the World of Transport to the trucking CDM platform. By participating with trucking CDM platform, digital pre announcements, digital load orders and trip information are made available to ground handling companies in CDM. The digital CDM platform enables handling companies to optimize their planning and share available […]


Trucking CDM driver app, voor alle lokale en internationale vervoersbewegingen

Nog heel even en dat is het eindelijk zover. Na succesvolle test resultaten is er achter de schermen gewerkt aan de Trucking CDM driver app om digitaal lokale import pickups, export deliveries maar ook airport to airport transportopdrachten te kunnen verwerken. Om ervoor te zorgen dat de Trucking CDM driver app niet als een stand […]


Who owns data shared within the air cargo supply chain

The ownership of data shared within the air cargo supply chain can vary depending on the specific agreements and contracts in place between the parties involved. In general, the data belongs to the entity that generates or collects it, such as the airline, freight forwarder, or ground handler. However, these entities may have agreed to […]


Increased air cargo security by integration of advanced ID verification

Advanced ID verification technology refers to the use of sophisticated and reliable methods to verify the identity of an individual. This technology is typically used in situations where it is important to verify a person’s identity to prevent fraud or to comply with regulations. Advanced ID verification technology includes a range of techniques such as […]


CCLP: Simplifying cargo damage reporting between handling agent and airline

Effective accurate cargo claim reporting serves an important purpose. It enables the airline to inform the shipper on a timely basis of possible service failures and, for example, to obtain additional instructions regarding re-packing of a consignment. Good damage documentation also helps to speed up the course of claims. The details can also be used […]


Timely and accurate damage reporting is an essential aspect of air cargo handling

Shipping cargo from one location to another anywhere in the world, a shipment may suffer damage during transport. As a result, customer care and administrative procedures initiated by shippers, consignees, or companies acting on their behalf, attempting to recover any potential the loss. Consequently airlines are compelled to deal with cargo damage investigations and claims. […]


Trucking RFS control tower increases transparency and process control

Trucking RFS control tower for airlines Over the past 2 years we have been experimenting on how realtime transparency and process control could be increased for airlines whilst operating transit shipments.  In 2022 a pilot was joined to test new Cargo iQ Road Feeder Services (RFS) specifications for practicality, ensuring that the message standards to […]


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