AEO Monitor “Compliance as a service”

AEO Monitor “Compliance as a service”


We offer a complete framework for companies considering AEO license as well as maintaining the AEO license with the specially developed AEO quality management platform.






Simply “in control” with modules and advice
The platform offers various modules for companies to easily and efficiently inventorize, perform risk assessment, manage incident’s as well as procedures, audits and training records. A wide range of tools are available to stay in control and monitor ongoing processes.

With the launch of the AEO platform, companies are offered all necessary tools, support and advice, to be able to comply with the specific Customs requirements. Besides AEO, the ISO 9001:2015 standard requirement can also be managed within the same platform.

Shoulder the burden
The AEO platform together with its partners, offers a complete and attainable “compliance as a service”, including legal advice with complex judicial cases. Also an intermediary to support a balance between business interests and the expectations towards when dealing with customs and its obligations is support upon request.

Monitoring & Assessment
The AEO platform is equipped with advanced technology to translate operational data into dashboard statistics. The platform dashboards can be customized and made directly available for all users from operational to management level. Identified risk’s and/or AEO incidents can automatically be classified during registration or follow up and file management. The AEO platform offers effective tools which also save time when meeting the compliance obligations.


Single site, multi-site or global monitoring
The advanced technology of AEO support makes it possible to link sites and monitor multiple processes at once, on a centralized platform. AEO support gasps a comprehensive view of activities of multiple sites on a global scale within 1 platform.





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