CargoHub joins the 12th Cargo Claims and loss Prevention conference in Brussels

CargoHub joins the 12th Cargo Claims and loss Prevention conference in Brussels

Following the Montréal Convention last year, IATA this time welcomed industry professionals to Brussels, in the heart of Belgium.
We woke up in the middle of the night, rushing through traffic for about 160km, which took us nearly 4 hours to get from Schiphol to Brussels, while being excited for Raoul who was going to make his speech at the IATA Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Conference part of IATA Cargo Events 2016.

Brussels, 12 October 2016, Photo: Christian Piaget


We joined the 2nd day of the event, unfortunately we weren’t able to make it the first day.
Christian Piaget, Senior Manager Cargo Customs and Claims, at IATA, began the conference explaining the program, then introduced Raoul Paul at about 9.10am. Raoul started with quite a bit of emotion, caused by the fact that it’s his first speech to a large professional audience in an IATA event.

However after the first few tense minutes it all went well. He updated the audience about the full scope of Cargohub’s “Worldwide CargoClaims Platform”, awarded last year as finalist in the Cargo Inovation Awards in the IATA World Cargo Symposium in Shanghai.

Following’s Raoul’s speech, Daphné Van Landuyt of Brussels Airlines Cargo continued with an excellent presentation of the CargoClaims Platform from their perspective. During the event we were delighted to listen to her explaining how Brussel Airlines Cargo has inserted the product’s features into their workflow, and raised efficiency of claims handling significantly, supporting their new slogan: “Going the extra smile”.  The audience was given physical smiley buttons, which were received with some very human smiles.

After a bit of Q&A, the next presentation came from IATA Assistant Director of Environment, Jon Godson, who spoke about Wildlife Trafficking.  The most shocking were the pictures about the irreversible damage to nature creating awareness among the participants.

The experts’ panel followed, consisting of cargo and passenger airline representatives, moderated by Jeannine Lascano from Amerijet. It was the highlight of the day: how do the airlines themselves handle claims? A picture of a cargo damage is shown and analyzed, and the panel members share their recovery options as well as taking questions from the audience.

After the network lunch there was a workshop: Case Study. Legal representatives Bart Banino and Francis Montbach split the audience into two groups: one took the position of the airline and the other, the claimant. In the end, it’s not always just about the 19 SDR per kg but also about customer relations, even if the airline isn’t to blame.

Day three was legislation-day: a panel of legal representatives discuss how cargo issues are combated per continent and what to watch out for.  Apparently Brazil is one of the wild-west countries were the Warsaw and Montreal conventions are disregarded. That’s why it’s good to meet and hear about recovery solutions, and a reminder of how important is to make sure shipment documents are in order, know your rights and just in case, a Brazilian lawyer. This day was also the opportunity to connect with airline representatives in regard to cargo issues and claim solutions.

The 12th Cargo Claims and loss Prevention conference, contributing to better air cargo services, was a great success. We went home with a smile on our faces 🙂

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Photos, from left to right:
– Raoul Paul – Cargohub, Jeannine Lascano – Amerijet, Dave Suhajda – Polar Air Cargo & Atlas Air, Anne Cargohub
– Raoul CargoHub, Sanjeewa Abeysinghe – Qatar Airways
– Gift from IATA
– ( selfie), Alan Walter – Raoul, Anne CargoHub and Dave Suhajda

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