Call for action “Trucking CDM Project Smart Landside Operation” open for seats

Call for action “Trucking CDM Project Smart Landside Operation” open for seats

Schiphol, Netherlands
In January 2020, CargoHub launched the first version of the cloud based collaborative decision making (CDM) platform. The CDM neutral logistics information platform offers transparent, predictable and plannable information resulting in reduction of waiting hours, optimized truckloads, improved airport accessibility (less congestion) and better transport planning & coordination (timeliness) with possibilities to enhance the supply chain visibility in a digital environment.


The results were received positively by the air cargo community and therefore the project will be continued for a period of three years (2021 – 2023) under supervision of Giovanni Douven, project manager of Inholland, University of Applied Sciences and Raoul Paul founder of the CDM platform.The CDM project serves the air cargo business with a focus on smart landside operation, is socially relevant (sustainability) and adds value to the educational and research system.

The project objectives are:

  • further in-depth development and extension of the Trucking CDM platform
  • to create a learning environment (living lab) for business, education and research


Invitation to join (closing date 10 December 2020)
A limited number of seats are available for participation to join the CDM program for several lines of business suchs as freight forwarders, airlines, GSA, Road feeders, ground handlers, IT vendors.

The Trucking CDM platform will provide you with new business insights, monitoring tools and process optimization opportunities. You will also have access to research and education from Inholland, the university of applied sciences consisting of professors, researchers and students, the future air cargo professionals.

Limited number of open seats for:

For more information please contact :

Giovanni Douven | Project manager
Inholland, University of Applied Sciences
Raoul Paul | Project manager
CargoHub Trucking CDM Platform
Email: raoul.paul@cargohub.nl




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