Cargo Claims Joins Forces With Neutral Air Partner

Cargo Claims Joins Forces With Neutral Air Partner

Hong Kong & Worldwide // Date: 18/09/2019

Since the early days of air cargo transportation, damage and loss have played a part in the financial viability and safety of airfreight. Whether it be physical damage, deterioration of perishable products, poor handling, delays by Customs, theft or terrorism, the losses are incorporated into the bottom man-hours line. Accepting that there will always be claims, it is the amount of time and effort taken in dealing with and settling the claims, whilst maintaining good customer relations, that is the challenge.



One IATA awarded winning solution which significantly improves the claims process, is Netherlands-based Cargo Claims Platform, developed by CargoHub BV. Managing director Raoul Paul, explains this system in simple terms.

“We have set out to create and develop an integrated platform which is easy to use and reduces the amount of time and effort involved in dealing with claims.  Because investigating and processing claims to everyone’s satisfaction can be a very complex process, our system simplifies the procedure and delivers a fast and accurate solution. The cargo claims platform provides uniformity and transparency in the claims handling process for shippers, forwarders and airlines in an efficient and cost-effective way.” improving the customer experience.

“Working through a dashboard, it is straightforward to input data right from the moment the damage occurs so that all parties involved can see and monitor the claim process, thus reaching resolution much quicker than the traditional method. The data can also be used for risk assessment for possible future problems, allowing airlines, handlers and forwarders to plan for and even avoid future claims.”

“The IATA innovation awarded Cargo Claims platform serves a portfolio of leading cargo carriers which helps their shipper clients to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers even when the airline operates its own claims platform.”

This type of technology fits exactly with the Neutral Air Partners strategy of harnessing new systems and technical methods to improve the efficiency of its members. Christos Spyrou, CEO of NAP is delighted to welcome cargo claims into the network.

“Cargo Claims is another addition to our portfolio of services and our efforts to deliver ready- for the- future digital solutions to our airfreight partners. NAP will continue to select the right vendors with the aim of building competitive advantages through tailor-made air cargo community tools and by setting new standards of excellence for the air cargo business.”

NAP publication:  https://neutralairpartner.com/cargo-claims-joins-forces-with-nap

For any other information, please contact;

Jade Bailey | NAP 
Head PR and Communications
Email: pr@neutralairpartner.com

Anne Arriens | CargoHub
CargoClaims product manager
Email: anne.arriens@cargohub.nl

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