Cargo Claims platform improves the quality of the air cargo product

Cargo Claims platform improves the quality of the air cargo product

by cargomagazine winter edition 2016
From 11 to 13 October the 12th IATA Cargo Claims & Loss Prevention Conference (CCLP) was held in Brussels.   Raoul Paul of CargoHub spoke with participants about the latest developments in the cargo claims platform.  With a fascinating presentation he introduced the audience to the advantages of the worldwide Cargo Claims Platform.



Two years after the introduction of www.CargoClaims.aero , the platform now has a large number of users.  The platform offers a unique efficient solution for claims throughout the chain between shippers, forwarders, airline companies and other stakeholders.

Fast insight into damage
The focus of CargoClaims lies in the optimal facilitation of the complete process from damage registration to claim handling in the logistical chain.  Raoul outlines the challenges the chain has to deal with: damage to goods, delays, missing goods and/or documents.  “In order to handle the resulting claims, a significant communication stream is triggered.  Collecting all the necessary information is difficult and a particularly time-consuming task.  To simplify the process, fast access to information relating to the occurrence of the damage is essential.“

Maximum service under all circumstances
The CargoClaims Platform makes it possible to record incidents right from the start.  The aim is to identify the cause of the incident at the earliest possible stadium and to submit it to root-cause investigations. “By approaching incidents in the correct way from the beginning, effective action can be taken.  Customers can be informed more quickly and receive maximum service even when bad news has to be passed on.  Acting on damage only after a shipment has been delivered or commencing an investigation only after a claim has been submitted, is far too late”, Raoul explains in his presentation.

Cost savings and higher quality service
www.CargoClaims.aero is a very user-friendly and accessible system.  Raoul explains that the registration of claims and incidents is via standardized forms and that, by completing these, a good and complete picture appears.  “You get an insight into not only what has happened and what the consequences are, but also into how it could have happened.  Was it perhaps human error or is there something wrong with procedures?  This information is enormously valuable for risk analysis and delivers a treasure trove of information for the improvement of internal processes.”  The founder of CargoHub emphasizes that the platform is far more than just an instrument to handle claims.  “It is a tool that the whole logistical chain can use to work towards cost savings and providing higher quality service”.

Faster claims processing
Claims entered by shippers, forwarders, insurance companies or other parties via the platform, are directly accessible in the protected account of the airline to which the claim is directed.  The airline has access within this account to extensive tools to efficiently manage the complete claim process.  “Whereas claims currently can take 90 to120 days, and some times even longer, in many cases we can bring this back to a maximum of 30 days.  Obviously, this is dependent upon all the required documentation being made available by the claimant.”

Support from forwarders
CargoClaims can rely on ever more support from forwarders.  By using the free portal, all airlines can be contacted to submit a claim.  An increasing number of parties are switching to the paid version of the system in order to professionally set up a claim process within their own organizations.  Raoul Paul: “The major advantage of the paid version is that more modules are available.   Along with modules for Customs AEO requirements, audit management, document management and training records, the claim modules for road transport and sea freight are obviously also available.”

Uniform and transparent
Raoul advises that airlines with their own systems can also be connected to the platform.  “We are happy to offer this possibility in order to be able to exchange data.  Our aim is to commit the industry to uniformity for the benefit of the air cargo product.  At present customers must cope with different systems and procedures.  By cooperating together and using our platform we develop uniformity, transparency and efficiency and that is beneficial to the whole sector.  We maintain good relations with virtually all airlines.  They can see that we are not making things difficult for them, but indeed are contributing to the quality of their services.

“All support from forwarders is welcome to help us with our mission to speed up the claim recovery period by using our portal”

Maximal customer satisfaction
During the IATA Conference Daphne van Landuyt showed how the system had assisted Brussels Airlines Cargo with efficient claim handling.  The online tool helped the airline centralize feedback from customers, order it by subject and sort by relevance.  On the basis of this information, the company made improvements contributing to efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction.

Intelligent system with smartview dashboards
The Cargo Claims Platform is continually being expanded with new applications to support users in their activities.  Consider, for example, calculating maximal liability on the grounds of weight, exchange rate calculations to local currency and management reports.  “We have recently activated smartview dashboards within our platform that offer users and management an excellent tool for incident analysis and for monitoring the process.  We are continually pushing our boundaries to supply users with the ultimate customer experience”, says Raoul Paul.

Improving the quality of the air cargo product
Raoul looks back at Cargohub’s participation at the IATA Conference with satisfaction.  “For some attendees it was their first encounter with our platform and others could see how the system has grown into a unique and innovative management tool for claims between partners in the chain.  Many users see it as an instrument to raise our business sector another level.  And that is precisely the reason why we were rewarded with the IATA Cargo Innovation Award.”

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by cargomagazine winter edition 2016
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