When shipping cargo from one location to another anywhere in the world, a shipment may suffer damage during transport.

As a result, customer care and administrative procedures initiated by shippers, consignees, or companies acting on their behalf, attempting to recover any potential the loss. Consequently airlines are compelled to deal with cargo damage investigations and claims.




Importance damage reporting
In many cases it is not easy to identify where and how exactlty cargo got damaged. In order to get a clear picture on where and how damage occured, business partners involved in the transport and handling of shipments need a cargo damage reporting  procedure and cargo damage control management .

Damages may affect the quality and value of customers goods. Customers therefore need to be notified in time as adequate measurements or specific instructions might be applicable in order to minimize potential loss or health risks. ( for example with pharmaceuticals).  By registering cargo damages, notifying customers in an early stage and investigating the root cause of incidents, an active loss prevention program is in place which will help airlines to improve quality of their services . [ http://www.cargohub.nl/blog/cargo-claims-platform-improves-the-quality-of-the-air-cargo-product ]

CCLP Loss prevention management 

The CargoHub platform enables individual companies to manage damages for internal business purposes in a simple and effective manner. At the same time Basic Damage Notifications can be sent to internal or external stakeholders.Data can be shared with business partners directly into their account when both connected to the CargoHub platform. [ For example between handlers and airlines ]. This feature enables airlines to have access to all cargo damage reports and subjected data into their accounts. Airlines will be able to monitor all cargo incidents worldwide from one single platform and can pro actively anctipate on any damage occured with their customers.

Customers can be notified Claims departments can easily increase the speed of their service recovery with relevant data available in their account.

Key benefits

  • Register relevant cargo damage information in a centralized system
  • Security role based access
  • Internal notification system
  • Define custom view dashboards
  • Start root cause investigations
  • Setup customized communication and print templates
  • Use data for risk & quality assessments and business process optimization




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