Community & Mobile Solutions for Air Cargo Operators

Community & Mobile Solutions for Air Cargo Operators

Since the launch of their first cargoclaims solution in 2015, awarded by IATA for cargo innovation, CargoHub Schiphol based IT provider has dedicate its efforts to developing digital products to make life better for Airlines, handlers, forwarders and truckers.  As the world struggles back to normality after the disastrous pandemic, air cargo operators are searching for solutions and technologies to make them more efficient and cost effective in a highly competitive global marketplace. The CargoHub group based at Schiphol Airport, has developed a community platform over the past 3 years, offering an integrated number of useful digital products for just this very purpose. Raoul Paul founder of CargoHub explains “All our energy and research are directed at giving our customers the best tools for the job. Cloud based digital products that are easy to use, have been tried and tested here at Schiphol by leading handlers and carriers.





Single window eco system approach
Raoul continues “ We have built a cargo community platform to enable logistic stakeholders to share data amongst themselves, providing transparency and predictability on cargo shipments and truck movements. On top of this platform we have built- in community products which are focusing on Cargo Claim and loss prevention management. ULD care & control, Quality assurance and Airport collaborative decision making (CDM) which offers slot booking, digital acceptance / delivery and shipment status updates between truckers, airlines, handlers and forwarders.
“Our approach is to offer a wide range of products and to disclose data in a single window with the possibility to share data to any external system. This offers a maximum flexibility on how data is used or disclosed. We collect data and offer operational process supporting tools to offer the ultimate digital process efficiency for individual stakeholders.”

“Pushing digital transformation forward with innovative solutions”

Cargo Claims and loss prevention Program (CCLP)
In January this year a new CCLP program was introduced to simply and control the cargo damage reporting process between ground handlers and airlines. Raoul explains,” Traditionally, once damage to a consignment is caused or discovered, a report would be drawn up in Word or Excel or generated by a WMS system. The CCLP program offers handlers a simple to use mobile app to create, control, validate and (semi) automatically sent damage reports to the airline representatives involved in the stretch. In this way, the damage reporting requirements stipulated in the service level agreement with the airline are easily met. At the same time airlines are offered access to the CCLP platform to access the assigned reports enabling the carrier to swiftly anticipate to customer service requirements and to monitor shipment quality performance within their network.

“The fully customer centric focusses CCLP solution” continues Raoul, “identifies risks, provides loss prevention management insights to both the handling company and airline. Last but not least, it provides a fully integrated quality assurance program to investigate root cause and to classify corrective actions. This new solution has successfully been tested in Amsterdam by Menzies World Cargo and Airbridgecargo Airlines and will be made available to other handlers and carriers starting from 01-01-2022”.

ULD Care & Control
Raoul elaborates… “Our platform built in ULD care and control app is yet another useful solution for combatting another problem area for airlines, handlers and forwarders. Unreliable registration combined with human error means that time and money are seeping away with damaged and lost containers cause delays and costs.There are some 800,000 ULDs currently in service worldwide and every year the industry spends $300m in ULD repair costs not counting damage to aircraft caused by broken or bent containers. Our ULD solution saves much of these daily problems. By re-using existing ULD messages in our eco system platform, forwarders are enabled to monitor their ULD on loan in a digital environment. The CargoHub ULD app at the same time offers a fully operational supporting solution to manage ULD’s during the acceptance and delivery process and allows airlines, ground handlers, GSA’s and forwarders to real time monitor the full ULD process. This new solution eliminates the administrative burden, unnecessary inquiries, which often requires forwarders to prove that ULD are already returned to the handler to prevent demurrage costs.

“To summarize – we offer easy to use business excellence supporting products”
“Logistics are in the need for easy to implement and to use products that contributes to efficiency and the quality of the cargo product” continues Raoul Paul, “ Our new CARGO SNAPSHOT platform add- on is a cloud based digital app for quality control covering acceptance, storage and delivery. The condition of shipments can be captured, is reported and the data is made available in the single window dashboard. Handlers for example can easily share data on damage shipments upon acceptance in the account of forwarders and forwarders collecting shipments at the handler can re-use captured snapshot data to inform the carrier about a potential damage to comply with possible cargo claims proceedings. The loss prevention focus is also embedded in this solution to assure and contribute to the quality and service offered to shipper clients”.

Collaborative Decision Making at Airports
CargoHub is also known for its Trucking CDM platform, streamlining handling and trucking coordination. Raoul explains. “ Our system allows trucking companies and forwarder to digitally pre announce their arrival for pickups and deliveries to handle. This enables handlers to manage their capacity and available timeslots, status updates for cargo documentation. Customs and security status are shared in the transaction between forwarder, handler and airline to provide full transparency and predictability to reduce waiting hours, paperwork and traditional communication by phone and email to request shipment status updates.
Groundhandler dnata in Amsterdam successfully has eliminated a significant flow of email communication as a result of the CDM partnership of trucking companies Wallenborn and Jan de Rijk. Not only front yard control, loading times and driver validation can be improved but also the re-use of data increases the speed and quality of truck order processing at the handlers side. The advantages of digital transformation must be engineered throughout the whole process, in order to achieve maximum result, keeping end to end supply chain visibility and predictability for handler, trucker, airlines forwarders and shippers in mind. The cargo community needs to work together as one and our single window CDM solutions are all built just for this purpose.


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