Global (de)centralized inquiry and customer services management

Global (de)centralized inquiry and customer services management

Over the last year we have learned that many companies are dealing with the challenge on how to manage their internal and external communication flow with customers in the area of customer services request.

A simple ticket system could be used to acknowledge receipt of requests to customers and to have the request available in a centralized database. However, the real challenge is to manage customer services requests within organizations in an efficient manner and to monitor the speed and quality of services recovery process.

Proces management by using email
Excel sheets or stand alone solutions may be introduced  as an alternative for the overload of emails and inbox folders in personal or department email accounts, but still it will remain difficult or even impossible to control the customer inquiry process from a quality management perspective. A lack of full organization transparancy on both operational and management level will prevent companies to improve learn from available data and consequently will not be able to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How does data help you to improve your proces
What kind of inquiry has been raised, how often are specific inquiries raised and what is the impact on your organiation and customer services resources. How is the communication managed to customers and where is all the inquiry related documentation archived making it instant accessible in the event a complaint or management escalation occurs?

QI categories

Customer centric proces improvement
For companies whom want to get rid of managing hundreds of email per day and sending emails back and forth internally to “control” customer inquiries we have good news. A new customer inquiry module has been launched supporting customer centric process improvement.

Main benefits:

  • Global and station level overview
  • Self service for customers
  • Irregularity identifier
  • Release of information control
  • Configurable inquiry categories
  • All system features available such as integrated dashboards, task management and much more 🙂

QI overview

QI record

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