Hankyu Hanshin Express joins IATA Innovation Awarded Cargo Claims Platform

Hankyu Hanshin Express joins IATA Innovation Awarded Cargo Claims Platform

As per the 1st of April 2019, Hankyu Hanshin Express Netherlands BV joined the CargoClaims platform. As a Premium member Hankyu Hanshin Express Netherlands BV now benefits of all available tools to quickly resolve claims in a consistent way across multiple carriers.



We thank Hankyu Hanshin Express Netherlands BV for choosing our www.CargoClaims.aero solution and supporting our mission to deliver the ultimate customer experience as well as increasing competitiveness of the air cargo product.

With 2 branches in the Netherlands we can offer the best service! The sea freight office is located close to the Rotterdam harbor and the airfreight office at Amsterdam airport Schiphol. That latter office also owns its warehouse with dedicated staff so (special) requirements are easily made. We can arrange stock check, repacking, sorting, camera security, pick and pack, storage and many more! Automobile parts, machinery but also perishables are handled the most.

Every year, during summer season, tons of Dutch flower bulbs are shipped by sea and air to Japan. In the Netherlands there is a unique benefit regarding the VAT. In general it means that a foreign company is not required to pay VAT on import immediately but can be paid when they file the VAT return which will result in zero taxes. To do this a special permit(Article 23)is needed. Both Dutch branches can assist in this!

The Dutch port and airport are often named the Gateway of Europe due to their strategic location. That’s why we are established here since 1990. The good cooperation with Belgium, France, Germany and any other European country is very valuable. And recently even extending and promoting the business between Africa and Europe.

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CargoClaims Loss Prevention platform povides a standardized solution for claims management between air cargo stakeholder. The platform is continousily updated based on user feedback and input from claims professionals.  Feel free to contact us. Our consultants are avialable to discuss any optimization or support question you might have. Email:  support@cargohub.nl

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