IAA: “Compliance in control with the CargoHub AEO framework”

IAA: “Compliance in control with the CargoHub AEO framework”

In 2016, International Airfreight Associates(IAA) started using the CargoHub developed CargoClaims web portal, through which you can manage all claims for any airline within 1 account. In the meantime, IAA has joined the CargoHub Platform and now utilizes the compliance modules, to safeguard their AEO processes as well. Cargo Media spoke with Richard Pootjes on his “AEO-day”, about the added value of the CargoHub platform and the transition to a centralized digital working environment.




Richard Pootjes, who is responsible for Quality and Compliance at IAA tells: “Our primary objective with the AEO compliance is digitisation, centralisation and an optimal differentiated accessibility of information for all employees in the department structure of our company. An employee should have direct access to operational work instructions, while our department managers are able to consult quality reports within the same AEO framework.”

Richard continues: “The AEO-platform of CargoHub supports us in these processes. Herein we can record incidents in regard to damages, quality, safety and AEO-customs related events. At the same time, with the integrated platform risk assessment features, we can immediately determine the priority of incidents which are subjugated to root-cause analysis together with the corresponding corrective and preventive measures. Eventual follow-up actions can be assigned internally and the comprehensive dashboards allow us to safeguard the continuous improvement perfectly. We find the methodology and monitoring possibilities within the platform unequivocal and very effective. The CargoHub team takes our input in regard to usage, improvements and further expansion at heart and because of which the platform matches univocally with our monitoring program. The full scope of platform’ modules, support our AEO-program and gives us optimal control.”

Trainings Module
Richard explains: “Lately, we have been using the Trainings module of the CargoHub platform. Our Company is growing rapidly and to cope with the increase of inefficient staff administration, the Trainings module was good outcome for us. This is a digitized overview to manage trainings, courses and competences on an employee level, including certification expiry monitoring, which is especially important for us. CargoHub delivered a customized solution for this, and having the same usage methodology, the transition was easy to start managing the new information in the form a new module on the same platform.”

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