Mainport Digitization Presentatie CargoHub Top Sector Logistiek

Mainport Digitization Presentatie CargoHub Top Sector Logistiek

As the air logistics industry struggles back to resume its vital role, there is a greater than ever need to reduce costs and for more transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the supply chain process.

This is especially true of ground operations where cargo can often be delayed unnecessarily thus creating expensive and unacceptable delays. The recent pandemic has thrown a new light on air cargo operations and the need for more efficiency and digitisation.

To deal with this pressing need for better solutions, the recently launched innovative collaborative decision making (CDM) trucking platform offers transparency, predictability and a slot allocation planning mechanism to streamline the loading and unloading process between trucking companies and handling agents.

Handling agents can allocate timeslots and door numbers and anticipate on real time ETA update times from trucking companies’ drivers, thus ensuring optimum efficiency and avoid long delays.

Raoul Paul, founder of CargoHub’s Trucking CDM platform explains the thinking






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