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Voorbereiding implementatie iShare – Trucking CDM in gang gezet

Sinds de start van het bouwen  van een Trucking collaborative decision making (CDM) platform in het eerste kwartaal van 2019 is er bijzonder veel gebeurd. Een experimenteel platform op het gebied van datadeling tussen de trucker, afhandelaar en airline ten behoeve van  transparante en voorspelbare planning ( doel reduceren van wachttijden),  kwam in een stroom […]


Welcome to the cargohub team Thijmen!

It is with great pleasure to welcome Thijmen within the CargoHub Team! Thijmen is one of the students from Inholland University Haarlem whom was involved in the research on minimizing waiting times between handlers and trucking companies. Thijmen will now start supporting  the operational aspects of the implementation proces for participating handlers at Schiphol Airport started […]


Newsflash: New location, new colleque and new customer!

It is with great pleasure to welcome Dennis Borst within the CargoHub Team. Dennis Borst finalized his research on the ULD control management solution developed by CargoHub in January and recently graduated for his master in applied sciences at the Inholland university in Haarlem. His start today at CargoHub was combined with a new fresh […]


Riege Software Netherlands joins the CargoHub Trucking CDM

In January 2020, CargoHub launched the first version of the cloud based CDM platform to support the various stakeholders of the air cargo supply chain. The neutral logistics digital information platform is designed to reduce waiting hours, optimize truckloads, improve airport accessibility as well as transport planning and coordination. The results were received positively by […]



The global pressure to eliminate paper from the cargo process and to push digital transformation has increasds especially during the pandemic . The industry needs to modernize and optimize the air cargo supply chain visibility and efficiency. Every carrier, handler and forwarder is caught up in dealing with claims and complaints which are inevitable when […]


Call for action “Trucking CDM Project Smart Landside Operation” open for seats

Schiphol, Netherlands In January 2020, CargoHub launched the first version of the cloud based collaborative decision making (CDM) platform. The CDM neutral logistics information platform offers transparent, predictable and plannable information resulting in reduction of waiting hours, optimized truckloads, improved airport accessibility (less congestion) and better transport planning & coordination (timeliness) with possibilities to enhance […]


Mainport Digitization Presentatie CargoHub Top Sector Logistiek

As the air logistics industry struggles back to resume its vital role, there is a greater than ever need to reduce costs and for more transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the supply chain process. This is especially true of ground operations where cargo can often be delayed unnecessarily thus creating expensive and unacceptable […]


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