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Welcome to the CargoHub team Martin!

We have many special days at CargoHub and here is another one. It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our team of software developers With the role out of our Single window CDM platform and a full suite of mobile supporting apps I am very happy to have you on board in our […]


Digital ULD control gives greater efficiency

The traditional ULD control challenge has always been ensuring the availability of the correct container at the place and time required, followed by retrieval of the empty container by airlines. This has always been a labour intensive and costly process, prone to error and loss. Now there is a new tried and tested app from […]


AirBridgeCargo “Moving forward to 100% transparancy with CargoClaims.aero”

For years now, Russian cargo airline AirBridgeCargo has become an integral part of many European airports. The airline has twelve online stations, one of them is Schiphol Amsterdam. The customer service team in the Netherlands consists of 16 employees. Cargo Magazine spoke with Irma Gnodde, head of Customer Service in Europe, about their core values. […]


Trucking CDM provides high security on the ground

Abnormally high levels of cargo theft have hit the global transportation industry during the COVID-19 pandemic as criminal gangs target cargo on the ground. The trucking CDM platform from Cargohub, based at Schiphol airpor.t offers a highly effective protection. Amongst the repertoire methods of targeting valuable transit cargo, the presentation of false, but expertly forged documentation […]


Deur toekenning en slottijden voor afhandelaren in de testfase

De ontwikkelingen binnen het CDM platform zijn in een stroomversnelling gekomen nu de basisinfrastructuur om digitale vooraanmeldingen te kunnen verzorgen op het transit proces, import pick-up en export delivery waaronder ook het ULD proces, is afgerond. Vooraanmeldingen kunnen inmiddels binnen het platform zelfstandig worden uitgevoerd maar ook een koppeling met e-link en/of PGTS berichtgeving is […]


Neutral Air Partner annual global meeting from 14-17 November in DUBAI

Looking forward to meet and discuss the digital Cargo Claims and Loss Prevention Program (CCLP) with all members during the Neutral Air Partner annual global meeting from 14-17NOV in DUBAI. Thank you Muriel Zographos, Christos Spyrou and team for the great efforts for making this event possible again.


Trucking CDM maakt zending beschikbaarheid voorspelbaar en status updates transparant

Het belang om informatie over  de beschikbaarheid van afhandelingscapaciteit en gereed staan van vracht op efficiente wijze tussen ketenpartijen uit te wisselen, neemt door toenemende vrachtvolumes en beperkte afhandelingscapaciteit toe. Daar waar in het verleden er in de regel bij de afhandelaar deuren vrij waren om geholpen te kunnen worden is er tegenwoordig onderlinge afstemming […]


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