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OneRecord by Nexshore welcomes early adopter CargoHUB BV

ORLANDO, FL, April 27, 2021 — Nexshore welcomes CargoHUB BV as an early adopter to OneRecord by Nexshore, the latest innovation in Air Cargo data sharing technology.  Recognizing the efficiencies and data sharing capabilities of OneRecord by Nexshore for CargoHUB BVs Trucking CDM platform, Raoul Paul, CEO of CargoHUB BV says “_I am very excited […]


Startsein bouw Trucking CDM – Digital Twin

Afgelopen week zijn de voorbereidingen gestart voor het opleveren van de Trucking CDM – Digital Twin na de toekenning van de ontwikkelings voucher aangeboden door Topsector logistiek. De Digital Twin biedt onderwijs en community partijen een simulatie en experimentele leer omgeving in de wijze waarop het logistieke proces en de bijbehorende data tussen ketenpartijen zoals […]


Artificial intelligence could find the answer to airport landside cargo congestion

By Alex Whiteman 13/04/2021 Airport stakeholders have turned to AI technology to relieve the serious congestion that has plagued western European hubs for much of the past year. At Schiphol, handlers Dnata and Menzies World Cargo have announced their participation in a ‘collaborative decision-making (CDM) system pilot’ from Cargohub, which aims to integrate landside operation processes between […]


Trucking CDM – A popular choice

by Michael Sales IMC Creations 11 april 2021 Since the launch in January 2020 of the Trucking CDM platform developed by the Amsterdam based Cargo IT software provider CargoHub, several leading operators have been successfully testing the system. Considering the added pressures and challenges faced by supply chains during the pandemic, this is a welcome  […]


Welcome to the CargoHub Team Zakaria!

The CargoHub team keeps expanding with upcoming aviation professionals. Thanks for sharing valuable insights, inspiration and the fun working together on digital transformation with CargoHub Trucking CDM. @Melvin, happy easter days too 😉 On behalf the team, Raoul Paul


Voorbereiding implementatie iShare – Trucking CDM in gang gezet

Sinds de start van het bouwen  van een Trucking collaborative decision making (CDM) platform in het eerste kwartaal van 2019 is er bijzonder veel gebeurd. Een experimenteel platform op het gebied van datadeling tussen de trucker, afhandelaar en airline ten behoeve van  transparante en voorspelbare planning ( doel reduceren van wachttijden),  kwam in een stroom […]


Welcome to the cargohub team Thijmen!

It is with great pleasure to welcome Thijmen within the CargoHub Team! Thijmen is one of the students from Inholland University Haarlem whom was involved in the research on minimizing waiting times between handlers and trucking companies. Thijmen will now start supporting  the operational aspects of the implementation proces for participating handlers at Schiphol Airport started […]


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