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Ketenregie in de luchtvracht met Trucking CDM

In deze sessie worden de onderzoeksresultaten naar een Cross Chain Control Center voor de luchtvracht industrie gepresenteerd. Een zestal deelonderzoeken (1x airline; 3x afhandelaar en 1x freight forwarder en 1x verdienmodel voor de platform economie) moeten gaan leiden tot een ‘community-driven control chain solution’. De resultaten van het onderzoek in combinatie met directe iteratieve bouw […]


Wallenborn joins Trucking CDM “Increasing the speed of the air cargo product”

Since the beginning of the year, the implementation of the Trucking CDM platform has taken flight. Students of the InHolland University of Applied Sciences have conducted research into the platform, a film has been made about it, and several players from the air cargo industry have recognised its advantages and joined as users. Cargo Magazine spoke about […]


Transparent and predictable truck planning for Handlers and Road Feeders

As the air logistics industry struggles back to resume its vital role, there is a greater than ever need to reduce costs and for more transparency and efficiency in all aspects of the supply chain process. This is especially true of ground operations where cargo can often be delayed unnecessarily thus creating expensive and unacceptable […]


CargoHub welcomes LOT Polish Airlines as new member of CargoClaims platform

LOT Cargo, the freight division of LOT Polish Airlines, has signed up per 1 December 2019, for the Cargo Claims Loss Prevention Program developed by CargoHub BV.  The period of December will be used for the implementation, training and setup of the LOT Cargo Claims portal which will become fully operational on 1st of January […]


CargoHub launches Innovative Trucking CDM Platform

The international transport of air cargo often partly takes place by road. Speed is essential for air transport and therefore optimal coordination of information between airlines, trucking companies and cargo handling agents is necessary to allow the road transport of air cargo to be undertaken as efficiently as possible.   What is the Trucking CDM […]


Cargo Claims Joins Forces With Neutral Air Partner

Hong Kong & Worldwide // Date: 18/09/2019 Since the early days of air cargo transportation, damage and loss have played a part in the financial viability and safety of airfreight. Whether it be physical damage, deterioration of perishable products, poor handling, delays by Customs, theft or terrorism, the losses are incorporated into the bottom man-hours […]


Meet us at AFLVN 19-20 September, “Mastering challenges of the future”.

Air freight logistics processes are becoming even more complex- so too, are the solutions that are needed to master the challenges of the future. During the 4th International Conference & Exhibition of AIR FREIGHT LOGISTICS VIETNAM, we are honored to contribute at the forum as panelist to discuss and share our thought about the “Future […]


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