Polar Air Cargo “Creating Business Excellence with the CargoClaims Platform”

Polar Air Cargo “Creating Business Excellence with the CargoClaims Platform”

Demand for centralising and simplification of the claims process is becoming increasingly evident in the air cargo world.  The CargoClaims tool, developed by CargoHub, responds to this call.  Cargo Magazine spoke with Abilash Kurien, Vice President Marketing, Revenue Management and Network Planning of Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Inc. on this subject.  He is responsible for all aspects of marketing, revenue management, business analysis, capacity management, network planning, claims and revenue.




Abilash says: “My team is responsible for improving the customer’s experience with Polar and creating a ‘business excellence’ environment.  Analysing flight schedules, for example, and improving the track & trace aspect of our website.  With respect to settling claims we are making it easier for the customer by offering a system where claims can be submitted relatively easily, the status of claims can be simply requested and by making email and fax traffic unnecessary.  Two years ago, during an IATA Claims Conference, our Senior Manager Claims was introduced to CargoHub’s CargoClaims system.   For some time we had wanted to make our claims process more interactive and user friendly.  It quickly became evident that CargoHub’s CargoClaims could fulfill this objective.”

Improved customer experience
“In recent years we have seen an enormous increase in email traffic relating to the claims process.  Submitting claims, status requests, requests for submission of documents: everything happens by email.   Submitting and handling claims via CargoHub’s system has put an end to this endless stream of emails”, says Abilash.  “The system makes it simpler for our customers to check the status of a claim online and to settle the claim online.   Paper documents and photographs do not have to be kept; everything is digitally saved and communication can take place within the platform.  Every airline can use the CargoClaims platform whereby the process becomes more transparent and standardised.  By joining this IATA Cargo Innovation awarded cargo claims platform, we will be making a contribution to further standardisation of the claims process in the air cargo industry.”

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Speeding up claim settlement
“As all digital documentation is saved centrally, it is always available to claim handlers and management.  As soon as a customer enters relevant claim information, this is immediately available for our claim handlers in a well-structured dashboard.  When a claim is received to which an interline agreement is applicable, we can easily exchange details with our interline partner who is also using the CargoClaims platform.  The platform will also help us further reduce the settlement period”, Abilash explains.  “And, because the platform records extensive data and generates comprehensive reports, we gain a better insight into the root cause of incidents and the resultant claims that impact upon our performance.  Thanks to this information we are better placed to be able to improve our services.”

Linking systems
“From the start, together with the CargoHub team, we have been looking for ways to further enhance customer satisfaction.  We are convinced that CargoHub helps us boost the efficiency of the complete claim process.  I foresee intensive collaboration with us linking the CargoClaims system to our own cargo IT system, allowing a seamless exchange of data to be possible”, states Abilash.

Abilash Kurien,
Vice President Marketing, Revenue Management en Network Planning
Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Inc.

https://po.cargoclaims.aero welcomed to the Cargoclaims Platform

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