Steder Group BV Joins IATA Awarded CargoClaims Platform

Steder Group BV Joins IATA Awarded CargoClaims Platform

In their mission to offer customers customized and high quality service in claims management, Steder Group BV will benefit from all the available tools within the platform to manage all Cargo Claims for any airline in a sophisticated manner within a single centralized environment.

We thank Steder Group BV for choosing our www.CargoClaims.aero solution and supporting our mission to deliver the ultimate customer experience as well as increasing competitiveness of the air cargo product.


About Steder Group BV
The head office of Steder Group is located in near Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The office is located directly on the main road to the port of Rotterdam and are therefore very easy to reach with various means of transport. Steder Group has grown considerably in recent years. You will find their branches worldwide with offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Constanta, Bucharest, Cluj, Ploiesti, Orsova, Dubai, Djibouti, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Singapore.

Steder Group is synonymous with ‘Complete Worldwide Logistic Services’. Our goal: to offer you the highest quality service. We insure this high quality with our ambitious, qualified and well-informed employees who think in terms of solutions and strive for long-term partnerships with their customers. This is proved by the long-term relationships with customers. Steder Group continues to innovate and pioneer in markets where we, or our customers, see potential.


About CargoClaims
CargoClaims Loss Prevention platform povides a standardized solution for claims management between air cargo stakeholder. The platform is continousily updated based on user feedback and input from claims professionals.  Feel free to contact us. Our consultants are avialable to discuss any optimization or support question you might have. Email:  support@cargohub.nl

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