Trucking CDM – A popular choice

Trucking CDM – A popular choice

by Michael Sales IMC Creations 11 april 2021
Since the launch in January 2020 of the Trucking CDM platform developed by the Amsterdam based Cargo IT software provider CargoHub, several leading operators have been successfully testing the system. Considering the added pressures and challenges faced by supply chains during the pandemic, this is a welcome  step.


dnata and Menzies World Cargo, two of the leading cargo handlers involved, have fully committed its operation at Schiphol  to the experimental pilot of the Trucking CDM platform. The platform communicates pick up notifications to road feeder operators, allowing all parties to plan  efficient trucking itineraries. The CDM platform also sends automatic load advices electronically to loading and unloading stations. This not only eliminates the considerable volume of paperwork and emails, but saves time, money and unnecessary emissions from waiting vehicles as a result of unpredictable arrivals of trucks. The process is supported with slot booking functionalities.

Paperless cargo solutions such as this, are very much part a strategy of a growing number of  ambitious ground handlers for providing End -to -End shipment management for its customers, incorporating value added, reliable and cost effective service. The benefits of the Trucking CDM platform are very much in line with this philosophy.

Airlines clearly benefit from more efficient planning of trucking operations, especially in times of intense competition. China Southern Airlines and Air China has recognized the advantages of the system and has joined the CDM pilot which enables them to monitor the full transit – import, export as well as the ULD flow, using a single window dashboard.

Some leading road feeder operators such as Wallenborn and Jan der Rijk Logistics, are eager to promote digital transformation to optimize loading and unloading  with their business partners.

Raoul Paul, founder and managing director of CargoHub, welcomes air cargo operators and states. “We have set new milestones in communication and information exchange between truckers, handlers and airlines and are exited to work with our pilot partners to set new industry standards.”

“Trucking companies, handling companies and airlines operating within Europe, are invited to sign up to the CDM platform to contribute and benefit to immediate transparency and predictability for all air cargo trucking movements between stakeholder”.

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Trucking CDM: popular choice


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