Trucking CDM welcomes Gartner the World of Transport

Trucking CDM welcomes Gartner the World of Transport

It is with great pleasure to welcome Gartner the World of Transport to the trucking CDM platform. By participating with trucking CDM platform, digital pre announcements, digital load orders and trip information are made available to ground handling companies in CDM.

The digital CDM platform enables handling companies to optimize their planning and share available handling capacity with road feeders at given times to prevent waiting hours. Trucking CDM platform will provide Gartner the world of transport an increased accuracy on cargo availability and pickup readyness. This information will help to Gartner to optimize their planning and prevent needless waiting hours and to contribute to a carbon footprint reduction.

In addition the integrated trucking CDM tools will increase visibility and traceability for air cargo shipments under Gartner’s road feeder transportation services.





CDM provides full visibility to road feeders on cargo availability and pickup readyness to prevent waiting hours. Road feeders will be able to monitor their planning on AWB, order and trip level within their account. Ground handling companies will have immediate access to an RFS control tower and planning overiew. An open API interface is available to capture all data into any WMS/TMS system.

Trucking CDM supports any interface connections to any airport or ground handler system to share pre notifications on truck movements, vehicle and driver information. The mission of Trucking CDM is to create seamless connections between air cargo community stakeholders to provide an efficient landside process and to support end to end supply chain visibilty in accordance with IATA one record data protocols.

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