Update on the E Cargo Claims implementation of Polar Air Cargo & Atlas Air

Update on the E Cargo Claims implementation of Polar Air Cargo & Atlas Air

In October 2017 Polar Air Cargo and Atlas Air decided to join the IATA cargo Innovation awarded Cargo Claims platform as the first US Air carriers. A short update on the experience of a leading cargo carrier using the Cargo Claims platform developed by CargoHub BV.

Process requirements from claims manager mr. Dave Suhajda
Dave explains:  “My job has been to handle the claims for both Polar Air Cargo Worldwide Inc., and Atlas Air Inc., which are under the umbrella of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Inc.” Two years ago we met the team from CargoHub who was developing a “customer self-help” air cargo industry platform and claims maintenance system to preserve records, documents, photographs and other claims associated information in one filing system.



The goal was for customers to file preliminary and formal claims in one location by carrier and standardize the claims processes for both the customer and carrier.  The challenge for CargoHub was to keep both airlines separate with their own identities but to combine the claims administrator handling into one module so that the claims for both carriers could be viewed by the claims department and worked simultaneously and seamlessly in one area.  Our final decision was to join the IATA Cargo Innovation awarded Cargo Claims solution developed by CargoHub. “

The experience for the claims handlers and customers
Dave says: “Our claims handling portals have allowed the customers to be in control of their preliminary and formal claims.  From a customer prospective, the system eliminates all the emails that we previously received with attachments pertaining to the particular preliminary or formal action and all the data is electronically stored for future or current reference and handling.  Furthermore, CargoHub was able to add on our request to provide an automatic response to our customers, not only confirming that a certain type of claim was received in the system, but also providing them with a copy of the data that was submitted.  This automatic response feature has also eliminated the manual acknowledgement process of emailing confirmations of receipt of preliminary claims to our customers, as well as confirming receipt of a formal priced claim.  Our customers are still getting familiarized with their own dashboards to check on the status of their claims but we are confident that this will enhance the customer experience.  Additionally, by signing into the system the customer is learning how to convert claims from preliminary to formal claims:  upload new documentation; and see the benefits the system has to offer the claimant as well.”

Streamlining the claims handling process
Dave: “Immediately after joining the Cargo Claims platform our claims handling process got greatly shifted.  A huge benefit was the elimination of manual files, whereby we printed all the associated documents and filed them in a filing cabinet for reference.  Now our process is streamlined as we no longer keep manual files and strictly use electronic files in the platform for all emails and documents pertaining to the file from start to finish.  Next, many emails to and from customers have been eliminated, and that all the data is housed in one viewable location.  Additionally, we use the internal email feature to keep track of all our correspondence to the customer for future reference. Since the system calculates maximum limits of liability as well as submission of claims in a foreign currency with a conversion factor to US Dollars has allowed us to get a very quick determination of our claimed amounts and limits of liability.”

Reducing the claims processing time
Dave continues: “Our processing time has been shortened by the printing and filing of claims.  All the data we need is housed in one area that can be accessed and updated by the claims administrator without looking for files.   The fact that we can view limits of liability against the claimed amounts on one screen has also benefitted us so we can get a quick and accurate picture of the claim.  The display for the claim handler is straight forward in a well-structured display and allows us to view all the aspects from air waybill information, flight information, financial data, and handling.”

Dave ends: “The goals as we have reached so far are to standardize the claims submission and processing with our customers.  CargoHub has been receptive to our suggestions for an improved handling and customer experience.  We look forward continuing our partnership with the CargoHub team pushing the IATA Cargo Innovation awarded Cargo Claims platform to an exceptional customer experience.”

Dave Suhajda
Sr. Manager Claims and Systems
Polar Air Cargo and Atlas Air

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