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Global (de)centralized inquiry and customer services management

Over the last year we have learned that many companies are dealing with the challenge on how to manage their internal and external communication flow with customers in the area of customer services request. A simple ticket system could be used to acknowledge receipt of requests to customers and to have the request available in […]


CargoHub launches API for integrated compliance monitoring in one platform

From our development team, 18 July 2017 The ability to exchange information with other software, old or new, was on our road-map for quite a while and with more customers expected to use CargoHub Platform, our development team worked hard to get the data exchange Application Programming Interface functional (API) . The API will allow […]


IAA: “Compliance in control with the CargoHub AEO framework”

In 2016, International Airfreight Associates(IAA) started using the CargoHub developed CargoClaims web portal, through which you can manage all claims for any airline within 1 account. In the meantime, IAA has joined the CargoHub Platform and now utilizes the compliance modules, to safeguard their AEO processes as well. Cargo Media spoke with Richard Pootjes on […]


IAA “Compliance onder controle met AEO framework van CargoHub”

In 2016 maakte IAA al een start met het door CargoHub ontwikkelde CargoClaims platform waarmee op een effectieve manier claims met alle luchtvaarmaatschappijen binnen 1 account kunnen worden gemanaged. Inmiddels gebruikt  IAA naast de claims modules ook over de compliance modules waarmee onder andere ook AEO processen beter kunnen worden gewaarborgd. CargoHub sprak met Richard […]


“Monitorization” is coming up!

With just a few weeks before the end of 2016, our development team has pushed its resources to the max to deploy one of our key road-map features “Smart View” to the CargoHub platform. In our presentations and meeting over the last months we have shared our vision on the aspect of monitoring and “smart […]


CargoHub “It was just not good enough” update version 2.9

“It was just not good enough” update version 2.9 Continuousily pushing the customer experience to a next level and enhancing the features of our platform. We are delighted to announce the upcoming update of our platform to version 2.9.  With this update several major improvements have been made to the communication system.   Beyond quality […]


Quality and compliance management

The CargoHub platform offers you the right tools to manage your quality, safety and security process. A wide range of modules will help you to manage your ISO, TAPA, ISAGO, AEO and other certification programs within one centralized platform.       Data driven quality and compliance management Are you ready to move towards analyzing […]


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