About our company

About our company

Cargohub has been established as a cargo logistics quality and compliance platform and has been in operation since January 2014. Our business model is based on offering sophisticated and integrated solutions within one platform to support a wide range of operational processes between stakeholders in the cargo community. Our first air cargo claims multi stakeholder platform solution received the IATA cargo innovation award in 2015.

Cargohub allows supply chain stakeholders, such as GSSA’s, airlines, forwarders, ground handlers and road feeders to manage claims and incidents and optionally share data between business partners. Built mainly for the small-to-medium enterprises, Cargohub supports the cargo community to optimize their business excellence.

Our purpose
To be a leader in the cargo logistic industry by providing an integrated compliance platform and solutions to our customers supporting their business excellence.

Vision statement
These solutions create value for our customers through simplification of business processes and to monitor quality and compliance of their performance in a transparant manner.

Mission statement
“It is our mission to deliver the ultimate customer experience and to increase competitiveness of the (air)cargo product with a state of the art innovative logistics compliance platform.”

Founder of CargoHub, Raoul Paul 
email: raoul.paul@cargohub.nl


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