A lot of people think of scanning when they hear digitizing. In reality, digitizing is more than just that. It is the processing of information and enabling the accessibility of this information digitally, so it becomes attainable for certain people. Who can see what from which location is also part of digitizing.

That is why there can be a variety of reasons for an organization to digitize:

  • No more transport of hardcopy documents
  • No more double document files required
  • Boost efficiency of business processes
  • Faster customer support
  • More structure by standardized automation
  • Diminish the chance of losing documents
  • Meet legislations and regulations
  • Minimalize human operations
  • Cost reduction

Next to converting paper documents to digital files, there is the question of how employees cope with already digitized documents. For example, because they created the document earlier, or because they came in by email. The document management system offered by CargoHub is pre-eminently suited for this. This system is specialized in saving documents structurally, regardless of their source (paper, email, Word, Excel etc.). Rightly so, more companies in the transport industry gravitate towards the possibilities of document management software. Document Management Actually, Document Management is not new at all. We’ve been processing documents since the beginning of paper.

Connect 365 works in a way that users are spending as little time as possible on processing and distribution of documents. Document scanners, network folders and email accounts are automatically checked for documents and other files. Connect 365 converts these scanned images into fully searchable PDF/A files, so that all documents ( PDF, Excel, Word etc. including audio or images) can be found quickly (perfect for document management!). Afterwards, integrated email and fax functionalities offer the possibility to distribute documents.

Best of all is that all these functionalities are bundled into one package for an affordable price. Not the combining of modules which unexpectedly need expansions, but merely paying for the amount of users.


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