CargoHub “It was just not good enough” update version 2.9

CargoHub “It was just not good enough” update version 2.9

“It was just not good enough” update version 2.9

Continuousily pushing the customer experience to a next level and enhancing the features of our platform. We are delighted to announce the upcoming update of our platform to version 2.9.  With this update several major improvements have been made to the communication system.


Beyond quality and compliance expectations and adapting to latest state of the art business intelligence technologies.  Our platform will never be meet our “good enough” standard so please stay tuned for our next update announcement or subscribe to our newsletter.

These are some of the new features coming in this update:

  • A redesigned e-mail system much more closely resembling commonly used Web-mail software like Gmail or Outlook 365
  • Support for multiple contacts that can be organized on To: , Cc: and Bcc:  lines and freely drag & dropped
  • Ability to insert, edit, reorder and remove contacts on the spot with ease, by simply double-clicking
  • Support for Copy/Pasting contacts between this e-mail system and others like Gmail or Outlook
  • In-place full e-mail edit showing the exact preview of what is going to be sent

    Read all about it  [Update 2.9]


    Thank you for using CargoHub Connect!

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