CargoHub launches API for integrated compliance monitoring in one platform

CargoHub launches API for integrated compliance monitoring in one platform

From our development team, 18 July 2017
The ability to exchange information with other software, old or new, was on our road-map for quite a while and with more customers expected to use CargoHub Platform, our development team worked hard to get the data exchange Application Programming Interface functional (API) . The API will allow great possibilities for supporting quality and compliance solutions for our customers.


The new feature will allow the CargoHub platform to be connected to different formats of data from warehouse handling, airline system and customs software applications in a fast, automated manner. Data is loaded and converted automatically into searchable records enabling staff users to follow up operational processes. The automated import and update of data within the CargoHub platform will furthermore provide instant dashboards for quality and compliance purposes for users in different levels within the organization.

Quality and compliance management with integrated risk assessement and monitoring dasboards in one centralized platform is our main focus and with this new API we can now bring all the data together from different systems. At the same time the availability of our new API will enable us to enhance modules for operational process management in our platform.  If a customer is using other software for different purposes and they need data from CargoHub, using the API they will also be able to export their data to that other software. The new API is a flexible solution which can be extended with new data formats, new ways of connecting and new abilities to convert data to and from CargoHub, to adapt to customer demands as they arise.


Use cases:
– One of the first use cases of this new feature will be to import all existing data for a process, like claim handling, from a previous system towards CargoHub, making the transition smooth, without the need for manual entry of historical data
– Another important use case is the ability to have access on demand to external data, like reports from different stations or departments which are using other software to generate their reports. Staff users would simply locate that data in the CargoHub platform itself using the powerful search features, without having to consider which software to open for specific data
– Another important use case would be the ability to enter data offline (for example, working in Excel during a flight), and to import that data into CargoHub when an internet connection is available. At the same time, certain data could be generated faster in other specialized software and then later imported into CargHub for centralization and overview purpose




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CargoHub offers an IATA Innovation awarded worldwide Cargo Claims platform enabling stakeholders to manage processes in the area of claims, incidents and Quality- AEO in an efficient and transparent manner. A complete suite of modules integrated in one centralized platform enables  shippers, forwarders, airlines, GS(S)A, handlers to manage quality incidents and operational service recovery issues.  The platform is continuously  updated and enriched with new features via the input from users and experts.

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