“Monitorization” is coming up!

“Monitorization” is coming up!

With just a few weeks before the end of 2016, our development team has pushed its resources to the max to deploy one of our key road-map features “Smart View” to the CargoHub platform.

In our presentations and meeting over the last months we have shared our vision on the aspect of monitoring and “smart view” management reporting features. Integrated configurable dashboards enabling users to monitor their operational processes and providing instant management reports supported with business intelligence.

I am delighted to announce the introduction of our first smart view dashboards which can be found within all premium user accounts. In the next coming period we will continue to enrich smart view with new features. As we are striving for the ultimate customer experience, we will be looking forward to any of your development request enabling us to push our platform to next levels.

We thank our customers for their loyalty, partnership and great feedback during the last 12 months and last but not least,  we wish you a merry Christmas and wonderful 2017!

On behalf of our team
Raoul Paul | Founder CargoHub


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