Saudia Cargo as one of the world’s major players in the cargo aviation market has joined the new CargoClaims program. As of this moment the company and its customers will experience the advantages of the IATA Cargo Innovation Finalist awarded solution for the Air Cargo Industry.

Saudia Cargo

Saudia Cargo is being recognized as one of the leading air cargo carriers in the world. With an extensive global network spanning four continents Saudia Cargo operates a dedicated freighter fleet and offer ample capacity on their passenger flights across Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA, reaching over 225 international destinations and 26 domestic destinations on global network.

Taha Al-Maimani, the Manager of Customer Care Center explains. “Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none. With a wide range of products and services specifically tailored to meet the varying requirements of our customers, we are able to provide a high level of service whilst continuing to deliver cost-effective solutions. It goes without saying that our commitment to provide excellent customer satisfaction also includes the area of cargo claims handling. In order to meet the highest industry standards on customer expectations in regard to the recovery of cargo claims we have adapted the Cargo Claims platform within our service program. We believe that an efficient and transparent cargo claims handling process will contribute to an improved customer experience and therefore are please to announce the launch our claims handling portal integrated within our website www.saudiacargo.com/claims “.

“We are extremely proud to welcome Saudia Cargo as our first customer using our platform for worldwide claims management. The valuable input from a professional claims handling team contributes to the quality of our platform. Consequently it supports us in our mission to increase efficiency and enhance service availability in the area of claims management for the air cargo industry”, says founder of the CargoClaims platform Raoul Paul.

Centralized CargoClaims Portal

The Cargo Claims Portal was developed to enable freight forwarders, airlines, GSSA’s and ground handling agents to manage cargo claims more efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively. The platform streamlines the claim handling process between shipper, forwarding agent, airline and other business partners and improves the speed and quality of claim handling process.

CargoClaims offers a centralized platform where claimants can easily submit their claims to any airline and manage all their claims in their own account. Individual stakeholders are offered a custom branded portal connected to the platform. When using the Cargo Claims portal, tracking ID’s, communication, reporting, documentation, tasks and notes can be managed from one single location. Submitted claims for airlines will be stored into a secured account and necessary tools are available to manage all communication and follow up activities.

The platform can be accessed 365 days per year from any location. Data is securely stored with a minimum of 10 year and the platform provides continuous updates via the input of users and legal experts.

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