Welcome SBN Consulting as our Cargo Claims distributor!

Welcome SBN Consulting as our Cargo Claims distributor!

As per 1 August 2018 SBN Consulting is representing www.CargoClaims.aero for the Asian region.

SBN Consulting has been founded by Mr. Oliver Neerfeld a longtime expert within the Air Cargo and IT industry. Oliver has a profound business knowledge in the Logistics industry and he has worked within the last 20 for several logistics IT providers in Senior and Executive Management positions. He has an excellent understanding especially of the Asian air cargo market and has lived and worked in Manila, Philippines for almost 5 years. Oliver’s business partners value his intercultural competence and the way he reconciles even very complex customers’ requirements.

Founder of the Cargo Claims platform Raoul Paul; “I am delighted to welcome SBN Consulting as our first distributor but even more excited to work close with Mr. Oliver Neerfeld in person. Cargo Claims is pushing the claims handling process within the cargo industry to a new dimension and Olivers professional feedback on both product development and customer requirements will help us to create the best value for our customers available in the market”.

About Cargo Claims
The unique Cargo Claims platform enables shippers, forwarders, airlines, GS(S)A, handlers and insurers to manage claims between business partners within one platform. Airline claims portals are integrated within our platform and member airlines have commited themselves to contribute to standardization of the claims handling proces. The platform has received an IATA cargo innovation award in 2015 due to its contribution to the customers experience and boosting competetiveness of the air cargo product. Leading cargo carriers suchs as Saudia Cargo, Polar Air Cargo, Atlas Air and Amerijet have joined the platform and have committed themselves to contributing to standardization of the claims handling process within the air cargo industry.

For Airlines
The IATA cargo innovation cargoclaims platform enables airlines to manage their claims process in a most efficient and simple manner with integrated features to manage the claims process based on available data in a user friendly dashboard. The service helps to reduce the claim recovery cycle and the large number of email communication involved in the claims handling process. Cargo Claims helps airlines to build stronger customer relationships and to increase the customer experience.

For forwarders, shippers and other claimants
The service will allow claimants to submit claims to any airline by using one single account. This unique feature encourages users to use the claim portal as they not have register with individual airline system ( multiple passwords / logins). The claim data submitted to the selected airline will be made available for the assigned airline only into the airline account. Claim status updates, documents, and communication can be monitored and accessed from the claimant’s user account.

Read more about CargoClaims : http://www.cargohub.nl/worldwide-cargo-claims-platform


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